how to safe from locksmith scam

How To Avoid Locksmith Scams | 5 Warning Signs

Have you ever wondered that when do locksmiths tend to show their true colors? It is when you are in dire need of their service. They exactly know that you are bound to take help from them and that is when they also no longer care about the level of service they will offer you because for them it then becomes a money opportunity.

What to Avoid: Warning Signs of a Locksmith Scam

However, you can save yourself from scams and get the job done from the trusted locksmith near your place if you take care of these tips in times of trouble.

1- Go For A Local Locksmith

A typical response of any homeowner is to go for any locksmith that they find on the internet in the hour of need but this is where it is advisable that you keep in mind any such locksmith company that your friends may have told you about or the ones that exist in your area according to your Google search. This is because by doing so you can always go check out the local locksmith’s office and have a thorough discussion before hiring them for the job.

2- Check License & Insurance

We have said it enough on a number of occasions and will say again, in case of hiring a locksmith, license and insurance stands of utmost importance only because license serves to be a proof of quality of work that then becomes also state-approved whereas insurance plans can keep you covered financially in case of any mishap as well.

3- Always Ask For Estimate Beforehand

Another most important thing to keep in mind during the hiring process is how will the selected candidate offer estimates. When you think that a locksmith is good enough to help you in case of any car lockout or can offer great rekey solutions then the next thing that you should take care of is whether this professional is going to quote the price according to its standard price list or after analyzing the level of work required.

A locksmith’s fee usually contains the amount for tools, any licensing costs, continued training and transportation to and from a job. So if he is offering you the best value for money in all aspects of the job only then hire him.

4- Check Reputation Online

When going for a locksmith, reputation is another most important thing because the better the word of mouth a company possess, the more chances there are of a great service. You should always look out for what past customers have to say about a locksmith in the review section on their social media pages or websites. In case if you are not satisfied by going through these two places, you should also look out for more authentic reviews on review sites like yelp.

5- No Drilling

If your locksmith is purposing a solution that involves drilling a normal lock then there are chances that he doesn’t know his job. Drilling is usually done for high-security locks and experts always know many ways to unlock or rekey almost any home lock without the need of drilling.

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